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This Camper Is A Tiny Caravan For Your Bicycle

This Camper Is A Tiny Caravan For Your Bicycle

For those times when your RV just seems a liiiittle too bulky, there’s this: an ingenious hack on the ol’ motor home, the camper bike.


The Camper Bike was created by American artist Kevin Cyr and functions as a pedal-powered motor home, attaching directly to the back of your standard three-wheeled bike.


Built back in 2008, the camper bike is about half the size of your regular trailer camper, complete with a small kitchenette, ample storage, a TV (!) and even a small bed up on the upper deck complete with its own window.


Sure, it’s a little cramped, but the benefits are brilliant. Think about it: you’ll save tons of money on petrol, you’ll get your legs extra toned from the huge crate you’ll be lugging around and bonus, you get a cosy little home attached to your bike. Perfect for those times when you need a quick nap in between destinations.

camper collage

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Funnily enough, the camper bike, which works as a fully-functioning RV, is also the subject for a number of paintings and sketches by Cyr.


So cool.

(All images: Kevin Cyr)

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