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The Best Times To See Saturn, Venus And Jupiter In June

The Best Times To See Saturn, Venus And Jupiter In June

Love stargazing? Visiting the US this June? You’re in luck: the galaxy is putting on a spectacular show, and you’ve got front row seats.

While one or two planets are usually visible with the naked eye a few times each year, this June will see a plethora of dazzling interplanetary viewing, perfect for even the most amateur stargazers around. While Mars, which is usually visible, will be impossible to see until September, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will all be visible throughout the whole month – and that’s pretty damn rare. Here are the best dates to view each planet in the US this June.


June 15, 8:20pm

Photo: NASA

If it’s Saturn you’re keen for, make sure to look up at around 8:20pm on June 15, when the ringed planet travels between Earth and the sun. It’ll be so big and bright that even bright lights and smoggy skies won’t shield its visibility.


June 20-21, just before dawn

Photo: Colin Legg

Venus, meanwhile, will be best viewed on June 20 and 21, although it’ll be visible throughout the entire month too. It’s set to “interrupt” those on early morning jogs, with the best visibility coming through right before dawn each day. In fact, according to the Washington Post, it’ll be “hard to miss” Venus.

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June 2

Photo: NASA

The best stargazing, though, will come thanks to Jupiter. According to EarthSky, “Saturn does not come close to matching the brilliance of the evening’s brightest planet, Jupiter.” Our solar system’s biggest planet will be most visible in the late evening, with spectacular views already predicted throughout the US. It’ll shine brightest on June 2, and will be visible throughout the month.

(Lead image: Colin Legg Photography)

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