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The Best Hostels In The World Have Been Named

The Best Hostels In The World Have Been Named

Finding a great hostel is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You never really know what you’re going to get until you enter your dorm, dump your bags and settle in for the night. Whether it’s a bathroom door that won’t lock, the looming and ever-present threat of bed-bugs or the loud obnoxious guy who won’t quit playing World of Warcraft on his computer (without headphones, might I add), hostels are unique, to say the least.

In your ever present search for a great hostel, you’ll ask friends and locals for recommendations, but ultimately you’ll consult the holy grail of hostel life –  Now your search might be a little shorter as they’ve just released their annual ‘Hoscars’ awards (get it? Hostel Oscars? Genius), ranking the best hostels from around the world. Scores are based on current Hostelworld ratings which rank hostels on seven key criteria – value for money, security, location, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness and facilities.

So who made the cut? Take a look below.

Best Small Hostel


99% Rating

Ticking Russia of your bucket-list soon? You might want to check out Soul Kitchen in St. Petersberg – this next-gen spot took out the Best Small Hostel award with an awe-inspiring 99% rating on the site. Praised for its private rooms, custom bunk beds, swanky design and friendly vibe, Soul Kitchen also took out the Most Secure Hostel award for a second year. This place is what every other hostel should aspire to be.

Best Medium Hostel


98% Rating

Home Lisbon Hostel certainly lives up to its name – this place is truly a home away from home. Travellers can delight in the homely decor, cosy beds and a home cooked meal from the owner’s mum on certain nights of the week. Cute.

Best Large Hostel


94% Rating

Che Lagarto Hostel in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil took out Best Large Hostel, which is the first time a non-European hostel has won this prize. The Che Lagarto Hostel has gone from relative obscurity over the past year to come out swinging in the polls  – maybe it has something to do with that killer rooftop pool and hot tub, but who knows?


Best hostel in Oceania


So how did mighty Oceania fare? Our shining light proved to be Adventure Queenstown Hostel in New Zealand which racked up an aggregate score of 97% and even took out the gongs for Best Facilities and Best Location worldwide. They also offer unlimited internet, hair dryers and hair straighteners, laundry service, and ski and snowboard hire. As for us Aussies, Travellers Oasis in Cairns did mighty well with a score of 93%.


You can take a peak at the rest of the winners below, or check out the entire list here.

BEST SMALL HOSTEL – Soul Kitchen, St. Petersberg, Russia (99% Rating)

BEST MEDIUM HOSTEL – Home Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal (98% Rating)

BEST LARGE HOSTEL – Che Lagarto Hostel, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil (94% Rating)

BEST EXTRA LARGE HOSTELPLUS Berlin, Germany (92% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN AFRICA The B.I.G., Capetown, South Africa (98% Rating)

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BEST HOSTEL IN ASIA Green Tiger Vegetarian House, Chiang Mai, Thailand (97% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN EUROPE Soul Kitchen, St. Petersberg, Russia (99& Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN LATIN AMERICA  – Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel, Florianopolis, Brazil (96% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN NORTH AMERICA Mama’s Home, Tulum, Mexico (95% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN OCEANIA – Adventure Queenstown Hostel, Queenstown, New Zealand (97% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN AUSTRALIATravellers Oasis, Cairns (93% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN MELBOURNE – United Backpackers (88% Rating)

BEST HOSTEL IN SYDNEYWake Up! Sydney Central (91% Rating)

(Lead image: Home Lisbon Hostel in Porttugal; all images

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