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The 10 Countries Lonely Planet Think You Should Be Travelling To Next Year

The 10 Countries Lonely Planet Think You Should Be Travelling To Next Year

The travel experts at Lonely Planet have released their annual Best in Travel book for 2017, and they’ve detailed their 10 best countries to visit next year. This year’s winners are a mixed-bag, with something for every sort of holiday. So where should you be heading to?

Taking out the top honours is Canada, coming in a number one on the ‘must visit’ list. Next year marks Canada’s 150th anniversary as a country and they’ve announced a number of rad initiatives in celebration of the occasion.

Come 2017, there will be a 24,000 kilometre bike path (made from connecting 500 existing community trails) spanning the whole country, forming the longest bike path in the world. Canada’s national parks will also bee completely free to visit next year. The beautiful Lake Moraine just got a little bit closer, as did Lake Louise, Athabasca Falls, and countless other scenic wonders across this naturally gifted country. Seriously, it’s beautiful.

Holy smokes.

Also, as duly noted by Lonely Planet, we need to talk about their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s the guy that’s making the above possible. Actually, let’s just look at this photo of him cuddling panda cubs.

There we go.

Coming in second place on the list is the South American haven of Colombia. Sandwiched between the Pacific, the Caribbean and the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, there’s so much to see, do and eat in this beautiful country full of welcoming locals.

Photo: Pedro Szekely/Flickr

Finland – one of the world’s happiest countries – also cracked the top three, proving to be a cheaper option for Scandinavian travel. Like Canada, Finland is celebrating a special birthday in 2017 – 100 years of independence. So what’s in store? Concerts, sauna evenings, exhibitions and a brand new national park.

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Check out the rest of the list below.

#1 Canada
#2 Colombia
#3 Finland
#4 Dominica
#5 Nepal
#6 Bermuda
#7 Mongolia
#8 Oman
#9 Myanmar
#10 Ethiopia

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