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That’s A Nice Spot For A Restaurant, Hey?

That’s A Nice Spot For A Restaurant, Hey?

If you’re looking for an adrenaline hit, your best bet would be head across the pond to New Zealand where high swings, bungy jumping and parachuting out of planes are a regular occurrence. And don’t worry, this kind of ~extreme~ attitude doesn’t end at zorbing or heli-biking either – New Zealand offers dining options with a side of thrill too, at Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar.

Scared of heights? Look away now.

Taking in one of the most beautiful views on the South Island, Stratosfare Restaurant is located in Queenstown.

Perched on a mountain top in the Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve, the floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to take in Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range while you dine.

And thanks to the Stratosfare Restaurant’s genius design, every table has a spectacular view.


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Added bonus: Stratosfare Restaurant is all buffet-style. Let the eating in paradise commence.

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