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Sydney’s Scoring A Massive Tarot Workshop, So Prep Your Questions About The Future

Sydney’s Scoring A Massive Tarot Workshop, So Prep Your Questions About The Future

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One time, my friends and I spent an entire day trying to find a Magic 8-Ball so that we could consult it on whenever or not we had to make a difficult decision. I am absolutely not lying to you and that Magic 8-Ball has determined a lot of things in my life.

But I could’ve saved myself the effort and just gone to Sydney’s Antidote Festival, because there’s going to be a massive collective tarot card reading workshop.

The annual festival of ideas, action and change features a line-up of events where speakers and doers unite to bring hope. That’s exactly what the Collective Tarot Reading session aims to do.


Come with your questions about the future (humanity’s future, not whether you should take that job offer or not, sorry), how we can ask for help, and what our questions tell us about our community. (You should probably take that job offer.)


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The mass reading will be run by Sarah Barry who’s been a full-time psychic tarot reader for 16 years. When she’s not at the Sydney Opera House for Antidote Festival, she’s working out of a private tarot office in Newtown. Newtown is basically ground zero for legitimate psychics in Sydney, so there are your qualifications done and dusted.


Tickets to the Collective Tarot Reading are on sale now and start at $20. You can also get tickets to other events at Antidote Festival, like an upcycling workshop, a discussion about self-care and Netflix, an Auslan workshop and a native tea making workshop.

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