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Soon You’ll Be Able To “Glamp” On A Melbourne Rooftop

Soon You’ll Be Able To “Glamp” On A Melbourne Rooftop

Melbourne is set to serve up a world first this winter, offering an urban outdoor glamping (that’s glamorous camping) experience on the currently vacant rooftop of Melbourne Central.

Welcome St Jerome’s – The Hotel. The five-star towering campsite will be the first of its kind, offering 30 state-of-the-art luxury tents nestled in among the highrises. The idea belongs to St Jerome aka Jerome Borazio from Get Notorious.


Yes, that’s THE Jerome, the namesake for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Borazio is also behind a number of previous and current unique Melbourne venues including 1000 £ BEND, Sister Bella, St Jerome’s, Ponyfish Island and most recently Melbourne’s only Vegas-style 24 hour wedding chapel, The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo.


Borazio says of project, “It’s all about repurposing a space that’s been unused and adding some real life to it. I wanted to create an experience that people could really benefit from – not just build another bar on another rooftop. As a CBD resident for over 20 years, I want to give others the opportunity to experience every element of this incredible city, in the realest, most sophisticated way.”

But don’t let the camping aspect fool you – the “rooms” don’t come cheap. At around $330 per night, an overnight stay in the tent will be on par with other high-end luxury accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD, but it’s perfect for those seeking a truly unique experience in the city.

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St Jerome’s – The Hotel set to open at the end of May.

(h/t The Age. Images supplied.)

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