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So It Turns Out Santa Can Ski

So It Turns Out Santa Can Ski

Every year something pretty unique descends upon a mountain near Lake Tahoe in Nevada – you’re going to want to pop on your happy goggles for this one, it’s cute as hell.


Just like that scene in Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ seminal Christmas movie I’ll Be Home For Christmas (essential holiday viewing, if you ask us), a whole bunch of people have decided to dress up as Santa Claus to raise money for charity. Each year, dozens of skiing Santas make their way down Mt. Rose mountain, which sits between Lake Tahoe and Reno, for a decidedly festive and cheerful affair.


About 100 people come out in their festive attire, which sees revellers dressed as anything from gingerbread men to snowflakes and even snowmen. After converging atop the mountain for a group photo, the skiing Santas and snowboarding elves make their way down the slope in style.


When they reach the bottom of the hill, the gang then begins the annual Reno Santa Crawl, the biggest santa crawl in North America. About 10,000 punters come out to support local charities, as well as up to 23 Washoe County elementary schools.


The skiing Santas descend on Mt. Rose in mid-December each year.

(All photos: Billy Jesberg, Mt Rose Ski Lake Tahoe)

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