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Anyone Can Buy Access To These Luxe Airport Lounges Around The World

Anyone Can Buy Access To These Luxe Airport Lounges Around The World

We’ve all been there – schlepping through the airport with our luggage, eating in a grim communal dining hall, and sitting (if you’re lucky) on vinyl seats at the gate for an interminable period before our flight starts boarding. If only my airline status allowed me entry to the lounge, we think. And on stopovers, if only – if only! – we could have a shower before boarding that next flight. Well now there are airport lounges open to anyone.


While flying through Singapore is one of the better airport experiences in travel, all the shopping experiences, cinemas and butterfly gardens in the world can’t make up for the feeling of a cushy lounge to sit in, a hot shower in a private bathroom, and a range of made-to-order hot food, which is exactly what the Plaza Premium Lounge in Singapore offers.

And it won’t cost the world, either. Access to the lounge starts at US$43 (AU$63.60) for five hours. For that price, you get access to the bar, hot and cold food (some made in front of you by a chef), charging ports, a comfortable spot to wait, and a shower. You can also book a 10 hour stay for US$78 (AU$115) for longer layovers.

While there are of course better airport lounge experiences in the world – this isn’t a Qantas First Class lounge by any stretch – when you consider that you’ll probably spend AU$63 just in crappy airport food and one (1) beer, you figure out that these lounges practically pay for themselves. And this is one lounge that will welcome you whenever you care to visit.


If you have an even longer stay in Changi Airport, you could alternatively book into the Aerotel, where you can have a sleep in an actual bed with a view of the planes on the tarmac, starting at AU$210 per night (there’s also an outdoor pool with a bar, and a gym and library).

Plaza Premium Lounge operates in 160 locations in 46 international airports around the world, most recently announcing plans to open a lounge and Aerotel in Sydney in 2020. Popular locations include Paris, London, Rome, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro.

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The writer was a guest of Plaza Premium Lounge and Aerotel in Singapore.

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