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Did You Know You Can Scale A Waterfall In New Zealand?

Did You Know You Can Scale A Waterfall In New Zealand?

Waterfalls are majestic forces of nature. But have you ever considered climbing up one?

Wildwire is a via ferrata climbing adventure on Twin Falls in Wanaka, New Zealand. For the rock-climbing novices, a via ferrata is a climbing route protected for climbers – it often includes iron rungs, pegs, carved steps and even ladders. They allow keen climbers to undertake otherwise dangerous routes without having to scramble unassisted – effectively making climbing a waterfall a cinch.

Seeing as New Zealand is known for its extreme activities, it makes sense that something like this would exist alongside some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Wildwire Via Ferrata Wanaka on the rungs

Wildwire’s via ferrata tour is perfect for anyone who likes waterfalls and beautiful places (so, everyone, really.) Expect a super fun adventure that involves walking up and down trails and crossing the famed via ferrata, which is fitted with ladder rungs that run next to the waterfall. Climbers will be required to clip and unclip their via ferrata lanyard along the way – and while you won’t get wet, your feet might feel a little spray.



But your day doesn’t end after you cross the falls: there’s even an opportunity to swim in hidden pools and picnic along the way.

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There are two tours to choose from: Go Wild (the beginners course) and Wild Thing (for intermediate climbers). Prices for a tour start at $181 (NZD$189) and includes transport to and from Wanaka town centre, all safety equipment as well as water and snacks on all tours.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Christchurch Airport
  • Drive 5 hours via Orari Station Road and State Highway 8
  • Wanaka
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(All images: Wildwire)

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