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Nothing Compares 2 Prince’s Passport Picture

Nothing Compares 2 Prince’s Passport Picture

Beautiful unicorn of a human Prince is currently between Australia and New Zealand for his ‘Piano & A Microphone Tour’. The solo tour, which was announced with next to no lead in time earlier this month, has been praised as a joyous, life-affirming affair and two hours of musical rapture. Ever grateful, Prince has been tweeting his many favourable reviews, but we’re pretty distracted by something else he recently tweeted – his passport picture.

While your Everyday Joe would tend to have a less-than-impressive image on their photo page, Prince’s identifying picture is in line with every other thing in his life: awe-inspiring, majestic and resplendent.


Look at this picture. This man is 57-years-old. This is literally how good-looking he is. This looks like an album cover. This looks like a professional studio photo. Realistically, it might be; we can’t really imagine the musical genius – who captioned this image ‘PRINCE ROGERS NELSON::PASSPORT PICTURE 2/11/16’ – lining up at his local post office and awkwardly adjusting his pose for 25 minutes as the person at the counter tells him to smile less.

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At the end of the day, though, passport photos aren’t a beauty contest; all we’re saying is that if they were, Prince wins.

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