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New York’s Latest Food Trend Isn’t Food At All

New York’s Latest Food Trend Isn’t Food At All

If you haven’t heard of the term “millennial pink”, that’s OK. You’ve no doubt seen it around or accidentally stumbled on one of millions (billions) of articles theorising, deconstructing and celebrating it. Pervading our consciousness for the last couple of years, pink has now become the bonafide colour of youth, fun and most importantly, protest. And because this is how things go, it’s made its way to New York’s famous food scene.

That’s right, New York’s latest food trend isn’t a food, it’s a colour. Cafes like Carthage Must Be Destroyed and Cafe Henrie have saturated their decor with the colour, and boy is it pretty as ever.

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As you can see, Instagram dreams are built from millennial pink.

There’s also restaurants like Pietro Nolita, a dedicated all pink healthy Italian restaurant, and The Lucky Bee, an asian fusion pink worshipping restaurant, that have incorporated the generation defining colour into their offering too:

We’re calling out for this particular trend to make its way to Australia. Stat. But for now, we’re more than happy to go on a pink restaurant tour of NYC.

(Lead image: Pietro Nolita/Facebook)

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