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Nestlé Is Building A New KitKat Factory To Keep Up With Demand In Japan

Nestlé Is Building A New KitKat Factory To Keep Up With Demand In Japan

As Japan’s single biggest-selling chocolate, it’s safe to say KitKats are popular. So popular, in fact, that Nestlé is building its first new factory in the country in 26 years to cope with demand.

But it won’t just be churning out the regular old milk chocolate varieties available in other parts of the world. In Japan, there are over 300 different regional and seasonal varieties of KitKat, including mustard wasabi, matcha, Sakura cherry blossom, sushi, and custard pudding, and people can’t get enough. In fact, as of this week, there are seven specialised boutiques dedicated to “premium artisan” versions of the wafer-filled treat.

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Officially speaking, KitKat’s immense popularity ramped up when a green tea-flavoured version was introduced in 2004, but it’s its unexpected cultural impact that really solidified it. KitKat sounds like kitto katsu, a Japanese phrase meaning “sure win”. For that reason, the chocolate bar has become something of a good-luck charm for students sitting exams.

Novelties like limited-edition holiday gift boxes are equally popular, while tourists to Japan can be spotted on the hunt for quirky flavours in almost every major city (in fact, Bloomberg reports tourist candy consumption has tripled over the past four years to the tune of $1.5 billion, or ¥131 billion).

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The new KitKat-dedicated factory will commence operations in August. If you’re in the market for a unique and tasty souvenir on your next trip to the archipelago, a box seasonal flavours retail for around $40 (¥3500). Check the website for boutique locations.

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