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Menulog Is Giving Away Free Hot Chips In Sydney Today

Menulog Is Giving Away Free Hot Chips In Sydney Today

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We all know that irresistible scent that wafts forth from chicken, fish or burger shops in locations all over the world. It’s unmistakeable, that deep dryer, oil-and-salt, starchy potato goodness lets you know there are crunchy golden chips just waiting to be wolfed. Sometimes the scent combines in a delicious way with gravy, or tomato sauce, or vinegar (you do you). Today, your instinct for sniffing out the best hot chips could lead you right to a crunchy, golden prize. Menulog is serving up free hot chips today in the Sydney CBD.


The catch is that the location is (more or less) secret, and you have to follow your nose to find the bounty. The only hint is that the free chips will be handed out inside Sydney’s World Square shopping centre. If you’re in the vicinity, wander around a bit till you start to smell the you-know-whats. Follow the scent all the way to the stand delivering the ultimate in guilty pleasures – a free bucket of hot chips.


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You’ll have to find the pop-up chip shop today, Wednesday May 29 between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. When you find it, you just need to say the secret pass phrase: “Did somebody say Menulog?” and your free chippies dream will come true.

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We know this news will interest you – research reveals that a full quarter of all Australians say the scent of cooking hot chips is their favourite food smell. Also that 1.5 million Australians have admitted to asking a stranger for hot chips after smelling them nearby which, you’re a monster but we know how you feel.


Find out more about the free chippies here. Apparently Menulog delivers in excess of 3.5 million servings of hot chips per week. Damn Australia, get them potatoes!

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