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There Are Too Many Jobs In This Beautiful New Zealand Town

There Are Too Many Jobs In This Beautiful New Zealand Town

As much as it pains our Aussie hearts to admit it, New Zealand is a superior country. And they’re not too shy about letting us know that either. We’re already aware of the hideaway cabins, picturesque hot springs, the world’s highest swing and enticing glaciers to traverse that are all in their backyard. So it really begs the question: isn’t it time we all moved to New Zealand?

While the jump across the ditch might sound drastic, some new information might just settle it for you. A tiny town in New Zealand has way too many jobs and not enough people to fill them, so they want you to help them out with their very unique conundrum.

Um, if you insist.

Photo: Clutha District Council

The picturesque town of Kaitangata, or Kai to the locals, has over 800 residents but nearly 1000 job vacancies it needs to be filled. To do so, the city has launched an enticing scheme – the city is offering discounted house and land packages in the rural community for a pretty nice $230,000NZD (or $220,300AUD).

They’re raising awareness for the town’s plight in the hope that other Kiwis who’ve considered ditching their lives in the big city will be tempted to relocate to this small but beautiful rural town. For those intrigued by the offer, here’s a little more about Kaitangata:

– The town is located near the coast of South Otago on New Zealand’s South Island, about a two hour drive from the Central Otago wine region.
– It’s only a five-and-a-half hour drive from Christchurch, or you can opt to take a small plane to Dunedin Airport just down the way.
– Kaitangata boasts a local primary school, a bar and a pizza parlour. Last month the local convenience store closed down after its owners retired.
– Two of the chief sources of employment in the area are freezing works and dairy processing plants. Sure beats sitting at a desk all day, right?
– After a quick search of the online job listings in Kaitangata there’s opportunities in building, nursing and the military.

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Oh and just so you know: Aussie citizens can live, work and study in New Zealand without a visa – all you need is a valid Australian passport. Fair dinkum.

Anyone else thinking about a sea change across the ditch?

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