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Meet The Very Good Doggos Keeping Skiers Safe On The Californian Slopes

Meet The Very Good Doggos Keeping Skiers Safe On The Californian Slopes

Mammoth Mountain dogs

California is famed for its A-list celebs, balmy beaches and fabulous shopping spots. But tucked away, well above the seaside, is Mammoth Mountain. It’s home to some of the best slopes in the USA and has one of the longest ski seasons in the world.

It boasts the highest summit of any snow resort in California, meaning the 3500 acres of skiable snow is deeper and of higher quality.

And that’s all quite impressive, don’t get us wrong. But what if we told you that Mammoth Mountain has assembled a taskforce of the best boys and girls to assist visitors who get lost or stuck in hard-to-reach places?

Introducing the Mammoth Mountain K9 rescue pups.

This team of brave doggos aren’t just there to look cute, though that’s definitely a vital part of their job. They’re expertly trained to sniff out humans in trouble and can even dig through avalanches to find and rescue them.

From as young as eight weeks, puppies are trained to patrol the slopes to ensure skiers have safest (and funnest) time possible. And, honestly, we’re not worthy.

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If you’re keen to shred these Californian slopes, keep an eye on the website. Mammoth Mountain routinely has great deals on tickets, ski hire, and chair lift passes, and you might just run into a four-legged member of the taskforce.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Mammoth Lakes Airport
  • Drive 20km via Lake Mary Road
  • Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, California
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(All images courtesy of Mammoth Mountain)

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