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Mad Mex 1 Kilo Big Burrito Challenge Is Back And It’ll Be Half Price Tomorrow

Mad Mex 1 Kilo Big Burrito Challenge Is Back And It’ll Be Half Price Tomorrow

Personally, I was not aware that a one kilogram burrito existed on the Mad Mex menu. That seems like an awful lot of burrito. However, apparently people have been enjoying the Big Burrito food challenge for quite some time, and now you can all continue to do so from the comfort of your home.

Home is obviously the best place to eat such a giant burrito, where you can unbutton the pants or ditch them altogether without eliciting odd stares. I mean, just check out this guy doing the challenge from last year and tell me you wouldn’t stare/ throw up.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Mad Mex is partnering with Menulog to deliver the ridiculously large burrito for the first time ever.

“We are excited to bring back the Big Burrito challenge starting September 15th with our Delivery partner, Menulog, allowing all of our Amigos to enjoy the full experience at home for the first time,” said Mad Mex Founder & CEO, Clovis Young.

“Every great challenge needs a reward, and to celebrate the 10th year of the Big Burrito, our Amigos will win an awesome limited edition Fresh Fuel for Life Water Bottle with purchase! We are thrilled that we can deliver the Big Burrito entertainment straight into the homes of our amigos with the help of Menulog”.


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In even better news, when you order the normally $39.90 Big Burrito on September 16, you’ll get it half price in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. You’ll also get one of those limited edition Fresh Fuel for Life bottle with every order.

“Mexican food is one of the fastest growing cuisines in terms of popularity on Menulog,” said Menulog Commercial Director, Rory Murphy. “We know this product will be a big hit and so we’ve launched the 50 percent off deal to give people the chance to try the limited-time offer at a very limited-time price”.

The one kilo burrito will be available in stores and for delivery for a short time only, this time around from September 15 to 27.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Mad Mex)

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