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Lonely Planet Name Their Top 20 Ultimate Travel Destinations

Lonely Planet Name Their Top 20 Ultimate Travel Destinations

Travel bible Lonely Planet has revealed its Ultimate Travelist in a new book, ranking the top 500 sights in the world as chosen by their expert travel correspondents – y’know, the people who actually write those books you desperately reach for in each new city you visit. The definitive list offers many of the expected “must visit” spots spliced in with a few hidden gems.

The Temples of Angkor in Cambodia were the “undisputed champion” to take the crown, beating out our own Great Barrier Reef in second place and Peru’s Machu Picchu in third.

Along with our famed reef, Australia took out two other spots in the top 20. The Twelve Apostles on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road took out 12th place and – in perhaps a surprising entry –  Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art took out spot number 20. Lonely Planet says that MONA is “sexy, provocative, disturbing and deeply engaging. Don’t miss it!”



The rest of the top 20 ultimate travel spots include main keeps like India’s Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon National Park in the USA, along with a few fresh suggestions like Tikal in Guatemala, Alhambra in Spain and the Fiordland National Park in our neighbouring New Zealand.

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Fiordland National Park.

Now, will someone pass me my pen and my bucket list? I have a little rearranging to do.

Lonely Planet‘s top 20 Ultimate Travelist:

1. Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
3. Machu Picchu, Peru
4. Great Wall of China, China
5. Taj Mahal, India
6. Grand Canyon National Park, USA
7. Colosseum, Italy
8. Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina
9. Alhambra, Spain
10. Aya Sofya, Turkey
11. Fez Medina, Morocco
12. Twelve Apostles, Australia
13. Petra, Jordan
14. Tikal, Guatemala
15. British Museum, England
16. Sagrada Familia, Spain
17. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
18. Santorini, Greece
19. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
20. Museum of Old & New Art, Australia

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