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Liverpool Now Has Fast-Track Walking Lanes To Bypass The Dawdlers

Liverpool Now Has Fast-Track Walking Lanes To Bypass The Dawdlers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that slow walkers are the absolute worst kind of human, ever. Faces buried in their phones, no idea where they’re going, totally oblivious to the fact that there are about 900 people behind them – just not okay, at all, ever.


Liverpool, however, city of The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, is about to change that, with the introduction of ‘fast pedestrian lanes’ just in time for the hell that is the Christmas shopping period. The city’s St John’s Street, which passes the huge Liverpool One shopping centre, has a fast-track area to one side where speedy walkers can now zoom past the crowds in peace. Genius.

Funnily enough, not everyone is keen on the new lanes. UK retailer Argos (which is a bit like Kmart, FYI) conducted a study to gauge the response to the fast-track lanes. 69% of 18 to 24 year-olds were in favour of the lanes, saying they were annoyed by people stopping and blocking the pavement and mobile phone users. Only 37% of over-55s were into the idea, though – they must have plenty of time just to dawdle the streets aimlessly even though we all have PLACES. TO. BE.

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Well done Liverpool, you’re our new hero. Now if only someone would bring these to every global city.

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