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No Food Will Ever Be Better Than These KFC Pies You Can Make In In A Kmart Pie Maker

No Food Will Ever Be Better Than These KFC Pies You Can Make In In A Kmart Pie Maker

Screenshots of the KFC pie recipe from @skitto89 on TikTok.

During iso, humans have created, conservatively, 8000 recipes for food that’s so indulgent, extravagant and inspiring that it’s borderline inedible, and that’s beautiful. The latest is this KFC pie recipe, which falls into all of these categories and then some.

The kitchen goddess / gift / TikTok user @skitto89 created the recipe for all of us hungry piggies. The eight-second video shows her putting KFC chicken, gravy, and pastry into her pie maker.

Enough talk, let’s see her KFC pie recipe in all its glory:

The MasterChef finale might be airing tonight, but we all know that @skitto89, AKA Jade Kitson, deserves the crown.

To make her KFC pie recipe, all you need to do is line a pie maker with circles of puff pastry. Next, cut out circles of pastry for the tops. Then just fill them with chopped up nuggets and gravy and close the lid.

Kitson uses nuggets in the video, but says the recipe also works well with popcorn chicken or tenders. She also pans over a tub of KFC’s regular gravy as well as potato and gravy, so you have a bit of freedom in choosing your fillings.

According to her bio, Kitson is “Not your regular mum, I’m a cool mum” and we have to agree. After losing KFC’s official Zinger Pie again, visionaries like her should be protected at all costs.

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Not only does her KFC pie recipe looks tasty as all hell, it’s also a way to make your fast food delivery feel like home cooking. Not that you need to put effort into iso cooking (or ever, don’t be tricked!), but sometimes it’s nice to feel like you made something at the end of a day you really spent cocooned in bed watching Netflix.

And sometimes it’s just nice to eat KFC in a pie.

(Lead image: @skitto89 / TikTok)

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