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This Trippy Art Installation Is Giving Life To A 400-Year-Old Greek Ruin

This Trippy Art Installation Is Giving Life To A 400-Year-Old Greek Ruin

Kagkatikas Secret

The Lourve, The Met, The Acropolis Museum: these are the kind of grand institutions you’d expect to find the world’s most stunning art installations. But what if we told you that you can find something equally, if not more beautiful in a 400-year-old Greek ruin?

The stone ruins of Kagkatikas on the island of Paxos, Greece have been given a colourful makeover.


The installation, dubbed Kagkatikas Secret, is the brainchild of artists Thomas Granseur and Tomislav Topic, from the German design firm Quintessenz. What looks like an enormous and intricate optical illusion is actually 120 layers of mesh, spray painted in a rainbow of colours, suspended in the skies by thin, metal wires.

Kagkatikas Secret

The painted layers of mesh are hung in a way that creates a gnarly illusion of depth, and the result is an unreal spectacle that flutters and changes with the wind, distorting the reality of those who observe it.

Kagkatikas Secret

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Kagkatikas Secret is part of the first-annual Paxos Contemporary Art Project — a site-specific artist initiative on the Ionian island of Paxos. For more information, visit the website.

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(All images: Quintessenz / Facebook) 

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