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It’s Hard To Believe This Iceland Hotel Is Real

It’s Hard To Believe This Iceland Hotel Is Real

Contrary to what you learned in high school physics, it is possible to be in two places at once. At least, it’s possible if you stay at the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland, built right on the fault line where the North American and European tectonic plates meet.

The Ion Hotel is a 45-room boutique luxury experience located in the spectacular Pingvellir National Park. It’s the only hotel in the world built on top of two continents, which inch further apart every year. And if that’s not enough the hotel is surrounded by bubbling hot springs, glaciers, and an active lava field which doubles as a source of biothermal energy.

The structure itself is built out of reclaimed wood, lava (not molten, don’t worry) and giant panes of glass, all the better to watch the amazing Aurora Borealis displays that are a frequent sight in Iceland. Every product used in the hotel – from the bed linen to the bath products – is locally-produced, organic and fair trade. Make the most of your stay by exploring the many glaciers, waterfalls and geysers within spitting distance, or even take a guided diving tour to see with your own eyes the fault line between Europe and North America. Now that’s an adventure hotel worth its salt.

(Lead image: Ion Hotel/Facebook)

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