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In New Zealand, You Can Literally Sleep In A Boot

In New Zealand, You Can Literally Sleep In A Boot

Like a nursery rhyme come to life, you can now stay overnight in a giant shoe in New Zealand – let’s just be thankful it’s not a Croc.


But unlike the nursery rhyme, this particular shoe isn’t filled with children eating broth with no bread. Rather, it’s a cosy hideaway that’s perfect for a little R&R. In this quaint cottage you’ll experience a night of soleful (had to) relaxation where all your daily worries will be heeled (sorry).


The Boot is located in the Tasman region of New Zealand, the northernmost point of the South Island, and it really does make you feel like you’ve stepped into some warped fairytale.

For around $300NZD a night, you and a mate can experience a fully equipped stand alone cottage – The Boot has it’s own kitchenette, bathroom and living area on the ground level as well as a spiral staircase leading up to a bedroom in the boot’s ankle shaft.


During the day there’s easy access to the beaches, mountains, wineries and cafes in the local city of Nelson. At night, relax in front of the open fire back at The Boot with a nice cuppa joe. It’s cutesy, it’s weird, but you know you’ll love it.


(Images: Jester House B&B. Lead image: New Zealand)

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