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Sydney Chicken Icon Frangos Has Opened A Drive Thru, So Grab The Keys ASAP

Sydney Chicken Icon Frangos Has Opened A Drive Thru, So Grab The Keys ASAP

Frangos Drive Thru Is Serving Socially Distant Charcoal Chicken In Sydney

Add it to the history books, folks. The first ever Frangos drive thru has opened in Sydney, making 2020 the first time you can get your Portugese charcoal chicken and chippi fix without leaving the car.

The charcoal chicken drive-thru is located in Edmondson Park, in Sydney’s south west. It’s serving up some of the city’s finest Portugese chicken and chippies (tbqh) with the full in-store menu plus extras. That includes take-home versions of the restaurant’s famous chilli sauce.

The Frangos drive thru is open every day from 10am until late.

Not surprisingly, the opening is a result of Frangos adapting to coronavirus restrictions. The chain opened the drive thru as a way to keep serving customers safely.

We’re just thrilled to have a socially distant option for feeding ourselves some delish charcoal chicken.

The restaurant chain has been serving western Sydney since ’89 and is known for its Portugese chicken, which you can have on a burger or as a whole roast chook.


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Forgive us if we dream about a drive thru at the other five Frangos locations in Petersham, Smithfield, Bella Vista, Penrith and Gregory Hills. Although according to Menulog, you can get it delivered from everywhere except Edmondson Park, so just file that tidbit away for a hungry day.

The chicken drive thru is similar to KFC’s drive thru-only restaurant in Broadmeadow. Chicken joints really are out here doing the most for all the socially distant hungry little piggies.

If you’re feelin’ a chicken fix but can’t get to the Frangos drive thru, here’s a recipe for KFC pies you can whip up in a Kmart pie maker. And speaking of Kmart, have you signed up for any of its cooking or interior decorating masterclasses yet?

(Lead image: Frangos / Instagram)

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