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France Is No Longer The World’s Top Skiing Destination

France Is No Longer The World’s Top Skiing Destination

Europe and Japan have been de-throned as the top travel destinations to head to for your powder-shredding needs. So, guess which country has surpassed even France?

The good old U S of A has taken the trophy for the world’s top skiing destination for this year. The United States saw a six percent hike in skiers and snowboarders last season, with 53.9 million skiers taking to the North American slopes.

The hugest jump in tourism took place in the Pacific Northwest region of the continent with Alaska, Washington, and Oregon seeing an increase of 142 percent in visits to their slopes with over five million skiers making the journey up west.

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The Rocky Mountain and Pacific Southwest weren’t to be outdone though, and despite severe weather warnings throughout peak season, they also saw an increase in visitors. No word yet as to whether Hawaii 9700 metre-high snow-topped volcano gained traction too.

France was, apparently de-throned due to bad weather conditions which saw a lack of snow at low and medium altitudes, and unpredictable weather causing disruptions to operating systems. Austria, which previously came in second to France, also saw a drop in visitor numbers from the previous winter, finishing the season with 49.9 million.

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If you’ve never been to the snow before, take your chance now because as Australia enters summer and gets warmer, the rest of the world gets colder, which means more snow, better shredding and a whole heap of fun.

(Lead image: US Department Of Agriculture)

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