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The 5 Best Travel Podcasts To Inspire Your Next Trip

The 5 Best Travel Podcasts To Inspire Your Next Trip

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OK, so I know some of you might not want to hear this, but there’s simply just more to podcasts than true crime. Nobody’s telling you to give up your murder mysteries, but podcasts are a widely untapped resource for travel inspiration.


Whether you want to brush up on the history of your port before you arrive, listen to expert advice, or hear tales from individuals who’ve blazed the trails before you, there’s a universe of content to stream right into your brain.

Here are our top picks for podcasts that’ll get you into flight mode before you’re even at the airport.


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#1 ‘Stuff You Missed In History Class’

Before a recent trip to Hawaii, most of my knowledge about these beautiful islands came from the classic Disney documentary Lilo And Stich. While this was a great foundation (FYI Punch the fish controls the weather), the podcast Stuff You Missed In History Class was an excellent primer on some of the history of the islands and native Hawaiian culture.

With an extensive back catalogue, I suggest having a search through the archives for episodes about where you’re headed. Knowing a bit of background about your destination will always make your experience richer. PS: If you do happen to be heading to Hawaii, absolutely check out this episode of ‘99% Invisible’, about the history of the aloha (not Hawaiian) shirt.

Episode to start with: Lili’uokalani: Who was the Last Queen of Hawaii?


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#2 ‘Women Who Travel’

This one comes to us from Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, editors at Conde Nast Traveler, so you know it’s going to be good. Women Who Travel is a podcast by women, but for everyone (yes, you too Steve) and dives into the complex issues surrounding travel. The show covers sustainability, privilege, over-tourism, and the realities of travelling as a woman in the world. 


Get inspired by Jessica Nabonga, who is currently on her journey to become the first black woman to visit every country in the world, or Evita Robinson, who is disrupting the travel industry and creating spaces for travellers of colour. The editors also answer reader questions, get in depth with guides, like How to Plan The Ultimate Road Trip or How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip and feature plenty of sweet, sweet travel hacks.

Episode to start with: What It’s Really Like to Move Abroad


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#3 ‘The Bon Appetit Foodcast’

Food is medicine, food is connection, food is culture – what better way to explore a new place than through the mouth? The team at Bon Appetit, brings us deep dives into single ingredients, the new restaurants to put on your must-eat list, as well as discussing food for occasions. Headed on a summer getaway? Try the episode A Sandwich Built For The Beach. Or listen to the James Beard award-nominated author Nancy Singleton Hachisu, who travelled to Japan 30 years ago… and just never left – #goals.

Sure, Instagram flatlays and cheese-pulls are nice, but have you ever listened to Alex Delaney wax lyrical about visiting 30 pizza joints in NYC in 36 hours? Yes, I intend to recreate this on my next visit. Whether you want to know about the food trends at your port of call or plan a round-the-world degustation, start by having a listen to these interesting folks who’ve got cool shit to say about food and travel. 

Episode to start with: Modern Travel Etiquette, Boozin’ in Tokyo

#4 ‘The Dirtbag Diaries’

Feel like you couldn’t sit still long enough to listen to a podcast because there are trails to trek and mountains to scale? The Dirtbag Diaries, from outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and his team, dives into the stories of dreamers, athletes and wanderers. This is one you should absolutely listen to before embarking on some of travel’s bolder ventures


Get inspired and also feel deeply inadequate listening to the story of Janelle Kaz, who has been travelling the world solo for 15 years by motorbike and fighting the worldwide problem of wildlife trafficking. Or listen to the story of the Holcombe family, who started travelling North America by Winnebago in 2014, and aren’t slowing down.

Episode to start with: More Than Just a Camping Trip


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#5 ‘JUMP’

Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, this is a podcast from “serial expat” Jackie Nourse, the founder behind the eponymous award-winning blog and online travel community. While the earlier podcast episodes will have you covered for all aspects of budget travel, the show now features travel advice that ranges across destinations and topics nearly as much as its host has.

Listen to polyglots discuss how to learn any language, or get inspired before hiking the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails in Japan, or walking the Camino de Santiago. Jackie also breaks down common travel questions around airports, vaccinations, insurance and all the other stuff that goes into a perma-life on the road.

Episode to start with: Find Your Courage Through Solo Travel: Jackie’s Story

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