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Fiona The Hippo Celebrated Her First Birthday In The Cutest Way

Fiona The Hippo Celebrated Her First Birthday In The Cutest Way

Fiona the Hippo celebrates her 1st birthday

A year after she stormed into our hearts, Fiona the Hippo – the first baby Nile hippopotamus to be born at Cincinnati Zoo in almost a century – has celebrated her first birthday with a hippo-friendly cake.

Fiona is special for two reasons. First, she’s a bit of a miracle baby, surviving – and thriving – after a premature birth. And, second, her sassy personality and devil-may-care attitude have attracted an unprecedented amount of adoring fans from across the planet.

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In fact, Fiona is so popular that the zoo’s vice president of marketing likened caring for her to managing Beyoncé. Fans have been inked with tattoos of her and in her name. There have been beers and ice-creams named in her honour. She’s stolen the limelight in someone else’s engagement.

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So, it’s only fitting that the zoo has hosted a Fiona-worthy birthday bash over the past week (her birthday is January 24), culminating in a cake made from frozen fruit juice, watermelon, pineapple and honeydew melon. Mum Bibi was on hand to help her polish it off.

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If you’re keen to pay Fiona a visit (which, let’s be honest, you are), the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden opens daily at 10am, and closes at 5pm most days. General Admission tickets start at $21 (USD$17) for adults when purchased online, or $23.50 (USD$19) at the gate.

Happy birthday, Fiona the Hippo. Here’s to many more.

(Lead image courtesy of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden)

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