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Every Hotel Needs A Lobby Slide Like This One

Every Hotel Needs A Lobby Slide Like This One

You know what’s great about slides? Everything.

The owners of the RedDot Hotel in Taichung City, Taiwan, China know this all too well, so they decided to up the ante of their modernist chic hotel by installing a slide right in the middle. This is awesome.


RedDot’s slide is for all ages and loops down two storeys of the hotel. After completing your loop you’ll be conveniently located in the hotel’s reception area.


Designer Steven Wu says that plummeting down the slide is akin to taking a trip through time. The slide “becomes a time tunnel which brings our memories back”, undoubtedly of all those days you spent dominating the plastic tunnel slide at your local Maccas.

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And don’t worry, the slide isn’t the only way to get down to the lobby – there’s also a regular set of stairs and an elevator off to the side. But where’s the fun in that?


(Images: RedDot Hotel)

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