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This Dreamy Eco Resort Gives You Clear Views Of Mount Fuji

This Dreamy Eco Resort Gives You Clear Views Of Mount Fuji

On the slopes of a hill overlooking Lake Kawaguchi is an intimate resort hidden from the world by pristine red pine forest and mountain mist.

And right in the distance there – can you spot it? – is the glorious Mount Fuji. Now that’s a room with a view.


Hoshinoya Fuji is Japan’s first glamping resort, letting guests experience unparalleled luxury in an all-natural environment. From any room, you can experience expansive vistas over Lake Kawaguchi and gaze upon Mount Fuji while tucking into an evening of comfort and delicious home-cooked meals.

While the whole “glamping” part of Hoshinoya Fuji’s resort vanishes when you start to include personal chefs, two storey cabins and luxurious beds, it’s still a novice way to experience Japan at its wildest.


Saying that, the resort’s coup de gras is their on-site Glamping Masters, who are experienced camping experts on hand to help recommend unique activities and experiences tailored to the surrounding arena. These Masters will help you find nature’s sweet spot, and up your appreciation for the great outdoors in no time.


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Hoshinoya Fuji offers a variety of activities that venture out onto the site’s picturesque Cloud Terrace. Anything from lessons on coffee brewing to walks through the ‘Sea of Trees’ (aka the surrounding Aokigahara National Park) there’s plenty on offer no matter the season.


But it’s really all about the views here – on a clear day you can see across the gorgeous valley towards Fuji. Settle in front of the window and watch the day turn into night.

Hoshinoya Fuji is located an hour and a half out of Tokyo.

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