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David Lynch Is Coming To Australia For The First Time

David Lynch Is Coming To Australia For The First Time

Are you sitting down? David Lynch, legendary director of cult classics Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Eraserhead, has announced his first-ever Australian appearance, at QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane on Saturday March 14. With the 25th anniversary of the Twin Peaks premiere coming up in 2015, the recent announcement of a long-awaited third season, and general ‘90s nostalgia being at an all-time high, the moment for Lynch’s visit couldn’t be riper.


Unsurprisingly, tickets to David Lynch: Live in Conversation sold out within a day of being announced (Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand film students’ hearts shattering), but those who missed out will have plenty of opportunity to get their fix at the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibit, which will run at QAGOMA from March 14 to June 7. The exhibit will feature retrospectives of Lynch’s work as a filmmaker, alongside an extensive collection of his lesser-known artworks, including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and musical pieces. As a director, Lynch has long been known for a signature pitch-black surrealism, and luckily for us, his visual art promises to be just as delightfully weird, featuring lots of colourless, unsettling landscapes and faceless women.

Keep an ear out for the as-yet-unannounced special events program QAGOMA is set to host over the exhibition’s three month run, and snap up a pair of tickets to David Lynch: Between Two Worlds (a Christmas gift for your artsiest friend) while they last.

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