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China’s Unveiled Plans For A Sky-High Invisible Bridge

China’s Unveiled Plans For A Sky-High Invisible Bridge

In news that will delight all thrill-seekers and make the rest of us curl up in a ball repeating the word “no”, another terrifying glass-bottomed bridge has been unveiled in China – but this time it’s completely see-through.


The brand new structure is a winning design by Martin Duplantier Architects and Daqian Landscape Architects and is specifically designed to blend into its landscape, the incredible Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (which you may recall as the inspiration behind Avatar‘s Pandora).

The designers have said they intend to create a physical relationship with the natural landscape – which apparently means making visitors keenly aware of their own mortality.



The transparent footbridge will be suspended between two dizzyingly tall mountain tops. The plan is for the bridge to be made from black stone that becomes reflective when wet.

The ‘water mirror’ section of the bridge comprises of an irregular set of stones that are topped with two centimetres of water. Then, every seven minutes, the water disappears creating a temporary cloud in the middle of the mountain range. The water is then reapplied to the bridge through spray nozzles.


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It sounds confusing as all hell, but all you really need to know is that the structure underneath you will be pretty much invisible. It’s up to you to decide whether the vast 360 degree views are worth it.

Top tip? Don’t look down.

(Photos: Martin Duplantier Architects)

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