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Sound The Alarm: 10c Wings Are Back For National Wing Day This July

Sound The Alarm: 10c Wings Are Back For National Wing Day This July

Thankfully, 2020 hasn’t robbed us of all pleasures. Whether you’re a bargain hunter or just love a bit of chook, one glorious winter Wednesday this July will provide us with plenty of reasons to celebrate deep-fried delights from Buffalo, NY.

The very legitimate National Wing Day gives Sydneysiders the gift of sitting down to a veritable feast of lip-smacking wings for a measly 10c a pop at a range of venues.

Where can I get 10c wings?

All day long on Wednesday, July 29, Rockpool Dining Group are sorting out your wing desires at the Sydney outposts of El Camino Cantina, Bavarian restaurants and Beerhaüs locations, as well as Munich Brauhaus and The Argyle.

PSA: El Camino run a 10c wing Wednesday at certain venues weekly, (but you have to book).


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And the nosh will be good. The group are known for their wings, a fact that prompted the opening of American-style sports bar, Winghaus by Bavarian, after the closure of the Burger Project in Circular Quay

“We’ve built a following for our Buffalo wings,” Rockpool Dining Group CEO, Thomas Pash, told Broadsheet. “Last year on National Wing Day, we sold close to three tonnes.”

What’s the catch?

You’re entitled to 20 wings so long as you buy a bevvie to go with – namely a Cadillac margarita, beer or wine.

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That’s $2 for 20 chicken wings, people.

What if I like it extra hot?

For the spicy bois, El Camino is also doing ‘wing roulette’. Order your serving of 20 wings and two will come marinated in ‘face-melter’ sauce. Of course, you’ll have no idea which ones will set your face on fire until you know.

How do I book?

Obviously bookings are essential, especially in light of COVID-19 capacity restrictions in place.

Nab your spot at El Camino here and the other Rockpool venues here.

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