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This Carb Hotel Room In New York Makes All Your Bread, Pasta, Pizza Dreams Come True

This Carb Hotel Room In New York Makes All Your Bread, Pasta, Pizza Dreams Come True

We’re three weeks into 2020 so you’ve probably given up on your New Year’s resolutions already. Which is a good thing! Because this carb-themed (yes, really) hotel in New York offers you the chance to live it up with a Bread and Breakfast experience, where you can eat walls of doughnuts and bagels *pats belly appreciatively*.


The carb hotel rooms, which are available for a limited time only at the Refinery Hotel in New York City, are ~tastefully~ decked out with carb-related imagery all over the walls, surfaces, bathroom and even bedding. You’ll be sure to have the sweetest dreams ever with every surface constantly reflecting delicious treats back at you.

The carb hotel rooms are bookable now on and cost US$225 (AU$327) per night.

During your stay, you’ll get your fill of all your favourite carb-centred foods. You can order from a carb-loaded room service menu, and snack on a minibar stuffed with carb-heavy food items, such as “great in bread” sandwiches, keto-kryptonite pizzas, couch potatoes, in addition to (of course) pasta, croissants, muffins, oatmeal and kettle chips.

The decor of the carb-themed hotel room really takes the cake. Check out the bread-loaf-shaped cushions, the pretzel curtains, the pancake-, croissant- and and bagel-patterned toiletries, and baguette slippers. Eat your carby foods surrounded by carby scenery. What more could you want?

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You’ll also be treated to a custom bathrobe embroidered ‘carbivore’ – the new dietary preference you’ll take with you into the future. Both the bath robe and the baguette slippers are yours to keep, so you can commit to your carb-loving personal brand 100%.


This year has already shown incredible promise when it comes to themed hotel rooms, with London’s cheese-themed hotel, Tokyo and Kyoto’s Pokémon-themed rooms, and now this. We’re truly spoilt for weird hotel room choices.

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