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Reckon You Could Handle Australia’s Hottest Burger?

Reckon You Could Handle Australia’s Hottest Burger?

Burger Urge

Looking to spice up your life? Leave your sriracha at home and throw away your chilli flakes, because we’re talking about the real deal. The kind of spice a glass of milk sure as heck isn’t about to soothe. The kind of spice that requires hazmat gear just to be prepared.

Introducing what’s being called Australia’s hottest burger. Ooft.


The Double Decker Death Wish burger is being sold at Burger Urge at its Queensland and NSW stores. It’s loaded with fiery habaneros, ghost chillies and secret hot sauce. The burg is so hot in fact, that it must be cooked using goggles and gloves, and customers are asked to sign a waiver before attempting to stomach it.

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“It’s legitimately the hottest burger in Australia. Those ghost chillies are no joke,” Burger Urge Managing Director Sean Carthew told 9 News.

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The burger is only being sold until Friday, so get in quick to get your mouth around it – if you dare. For more information, or to find your closest restaurant, check out the Burger Urge website.

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