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Sorry VIC, But The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Is Coming Back This Month For Everyone Else

Sorry VIC, But The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Is Coming Back This Month For Everyone Else

Very few things are as iconically Australian as the Bunnings sausage sizzle. Even as a vegetarian (yeah, I know) I can appreciate this simple pleasure, and the very heartening indication that the world is returning to normal — even if it’s only happening slowly.

“The return will start off at selected stores in Tasmania and the Northern Territory this weekend where we will trial a new layout that promotes physical distancing and includes increased personal hygiene processes, above and beyond the normal processes,” explained Bunnings’ Chief Operating Officer Deb Poole.

The plan is to follow up this weekend by opening sausage sizzles in all states and territories by the end of the month, except Victoria because of their recent increase in coronavirus cases. Sorry about it.

As we all know, these sausage sizzles actually raise money for community groups, and Poole also explained that Bunnings will be prioritising groups which had pre-booked before COVID took over the world. So get your tasty treats and support local groups, but also be safe.

“We know our customers have missed being able to show their support for local community groups by stopping by the sausage sizzle,” Poole said.

“While we know they will be excited by this return, as are we, we’d just ask everyone to continue to be patient and respect the guidelines in place”.

If you would like to maintain your social distancing, let us all remember this legend who flew his drown to the local Bunnings, with a note asking for a sanga and some money.

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(Lead Image: Unsplash / Matthieu Joannon)

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