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The World’s Biggest Blow-Up Obstacle Course Has Hit The UK

The World’s Biggest Blow-Up Obstacle Course Has Hit The UK

the monster blow-up obstacle course

Being a grownup can be bloody gruelling, you guys. There’s the nine-to-five grind, rent (ugh) and don’t even get us started on laundry. Sometimes you need to just take several steps back and unleash your inner-child, right? Well, what better way of doing so than on what is the world’s biggest blow-up obstacle course for adults?


The Monster Obstacle Course is 300m long, making it the world’s largest, and features a bunch of obstacles. There are 42 in total, including in 18-metre-long mega slide, a Tunnel of Love (heyo!) and the disconcertingly named, Bouncy Cage of Doom.

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Creators of the monstrous blow-up obstacle course, Nick and Joe say people want more real, immersive and memorable experiences, particularly nostalgic experiences where they can behave like a big kid again, LonelyPlanet News reports.

And it turns out they’re onto a winner, with tickets to last year’s ride, The Beast, totally selling out. And This time around, they’re determined to double their success.

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The Monster will tour the UK all summer, in Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, London and Brighton, daring everyone to let their inner kid loose.

It’s set to be some serious fun, with each venue kitted out with live DJ sets, light shows, craft brews, cocktails, street food and two enormous ball pits. We would recommend getting all your jumping out of the way before hitting the bar though, for obvious reasons.

Prepare ready to don your best activewear and go get amongst it! Tickets can be purchased via the event website.

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