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Could You Finish Melbourne’s 3.5kg Cheeseburger?

Could You Finish Melbourne’s 3.5kg Cheeseburger?

Beer And Burger Bar: Could You Finish The Don 2.0 Food Challenge?

You know the feeling when you’re hungover and all you can think about is eating an indiscriminate number of cheeseburgers? Melbourne’s Beer and Burger Bar has got just the thing for you.

The burger joint has unveiled a new menu, including an unholy food challenge called The Don 2.0, a cheeseburger that weighs in at 3.5kg.

It’s got of 1.4kg of beef patties and southern fried chicken, 16 slices of cheese, 16 rashers of bacon, deep-fried jalapeños, lettuce, grilled pineapple, cola BBQ sauce and aioli.

It also comes with onion rings on top, chips on the side and two cans of soft drink. Behold:


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You’ll have to book ahead at least 24-hours to attempt The Don 2.0, and it’ll cost you $75 to attempt the challenge. However, you’ll get your money back if you finish the challenge in under 90 minutes, and if you beat the current best time you’ll win $250 — and get bragging rights to match.

If you’re no stranger to food challenges, you might recognise Beer and Burger Bar. They used to offer a smaller version of The Don, that had a measly 1kg of beef and only 10 rashers of bacon. Amateur.

If a 3.5kg burger is a bit too much for you, the restaurant also revamped its regular menu with a stack of regular burgers, loaded shakes and a vegan range.

Try the KPOP, a burger with Korean fried chicken and spicy kimchi, or the Bad Hombre with a spiced beef patty, spicy BBQ sauce and jalapeños.

Vegetarians and vegans have an unheard of five burgers to choose from. Try the Dirty Vegan with a crumbed eggplant patty or the Pumped Up Beets, that comes with roasted pumpkin, feta and beetroot relish.

Wash it all down with a cocktail or local beer like a Moon Dog pale ale or the watermelon sour from Stomping Ground. Or skip straight to the good stuff and get a milkshake that comes stacked with a slice of chocolate cake or an Oreo ice cream sandwich.

(Lead image: The Beer and Burger Bar / Facebook)

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