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Bathe In Tea, Sake, Coffee and Wine At This Japanese Spa

Bathe In Tea, Sake, Coffee and Wine At This Japanese Spa

The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan is no ordinary onsen. Sure, the facilities include every configuration of sauna, hot tub and water-related activity imaginable, but what really sets Yunessun apart are the tubs filled with liquids you’d probably be more tempted to drink than soak in: hot sake, green tea, red wine and coffee.


The sake, tea and wine baths each feature a gigantic version of a wooden sake cask, wine bottle and tea pot, respectively, each steadily dispensing the appropriate drink/spa treatment, while the coffee bath receives refills of pipin’ hot joe five times per day. According to Yunessun, these baths go beyond novelty: soaking in sake is good for the skin, green tea has anti-oxidant benefits and boosts the immune system, red wine has “rejuvenating” effects, and coffee (surprise, surprise) is great for an energy boost.

(Photo: Horschmology/Flickr)

Whatever you do, don’t give in to the temptation to drink your bathwater.

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