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10 Aussie Foods That Confuse The Hell Out Of The Rest Of The World

10 Aussie Foods That Confuse The Hell Out Of The Rest Of The World

Australian Food: 10 Aussie Foods That Confuse The Rest Of The World

While plenty of people travel to Australia to experience our beautiful beaches and wildlife, there’s another reason to make a trip Down Under: Australian food.

The rest of the world is already confused by Australian culture, and turns out some of our favourite food is equally confusing.

Some of our best food dead-set doesn’t exist in other parts of the world, and other countries can’t deal when they get word of these creations.

Here are 10 Australian food icons that confuse the hell out of the rest of the world:

#1 Fairy Bread


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Some of you never ate 100s and 1000s on buttered white bread at your birthday parties, and it shows.

While you can add more ingredients, the perfect Fairy Bread’s got to have 100s and 1000s — NOT rainbow sprinkles! — and it’s gotta be cut into triangles. It’s truly baffling why the rest of the world hasn’t caught up yet.

#2 Vegemite

Love it or hate it, all Aussies are constantly ready to throw down to defend Vegemite.

When people say they don’t like our national spread, it’s almost always their fault and not Vegemite’s. PSA to all foreigners: stop eating it by the spoonful, and stop spreading so much of it on your toast.

#3 Tim Tams


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The world’s best biscuit might have reached America a few years ago, but only Aussies know that the correct way to consume the bikkie is by biting off the ends and using it as a straw to drink your tea, coffee or (ideally) hot chocolate.

#4 Pavlova

We’re not here to debate whether the pavlova was invented in Australia or New Zealand (because Aussies know the truth). We’re here to ask why the hell the rest of the world is sleeping on this cake that’s made from sugar, whipped cream and fresh fruit?

#5 Golden Gaytime

At this point the rest of the world doesn’t even believe that Golden Gaytimes exist, which is their loss. You can’t get more Aussie than a caramel ice cream, smothered in choccy and sprinkles with crunch honeycomb biscuit pieces.

#6 Lamington

Literally what could go wrong with a square of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with coconut?

#7 Beetroot on burgers

The US might have us beat in the fast food game, but what’s the point of In-N-Out when you don’t put beetroot on your burgers?

All Aussies know that the best burger is the one with a fresh cut of beetroot from your local fish and chip shop. Bonus points for egg and pineapple, but they’re optional — unlike beetroot.

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#8 Vanilla Slice

A staple of every small-town bakery, the Vanilla Slice is the kind of food that only Aussies could invent: two layers of puff pastry filled with custard.

Some people call them “snot blocks” so we can’t blame the rest of the world for not getting on board with this one, tbh.

#9 Chicken Salt

It’s hard to believe, but the rest of the world eats hot chips without a generous sprinkling of chicken salt. Excuse me while I never leave Australia again.

#10 Meat pie with tomato sauce

Lots of other countries froth for meat pies, but no one does it quite like us — with a pool of tomato sauce on top.

Australian food isn’t here to mess around. Your move, rest of the world.

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