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Australia Has Its Very Own Mad Max Museum

Australia Has Its Very Own Mad Max Museum

With Mad Max: Fury Road still tearing through the pop culture landscape like a war rig through a post-apocalyptic desert, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to Australia’s only Mad Max museum.


The museum is the brainchild of super-fan Adrian Bennett, who was so passionate about Mad Max 2 that he moved all the way from England to establish his very own shrine to the film in Silverton, NSW, where it was filmed.


A series of shack-like corrugated iron buildings set against the dramatic, dusty-red landscape of the outback, the museum itself looks like something straight out of the film it’s inspired by.


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Over the years, Bennett has amassed quite the collection of costumes, behind-the-scenes photographs, vehicles (original and replica) and other memorabilia, all available for viewing–who says people don’t believe in heroes anymore?

(Photos: Mad Max Museum/Facebook)

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