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Anthony Bourdain To Open Massive Hawker-Style Food Market In NYC

Anthony Bourdain To Open Massive Hawker-Style Food Market In NYC

Cult television personality, former chef and food oracle Anthony Bourdain has no doubt influenced many a holiday dining choice with his popular series No Reservations, aimed at showcasing a variety of delicious cuisines from around the world.

Now the celebrity chef takes on a new venture – bringing the best of those cuisines and more to a huge hawker-style food market in New York City.

Spanning 100,000-square-feet, the international food market will include a famers market, hawker-style street food stalls, a 1,500-quare-foot oyster bar, tapas bar, bakeries, butchers, tea shop, a pastry counter and more. “It is supposed to be a mash-up of foods, styles, smells, tastes and visuals,” said Bourdain’s partner Stephen Werther, announcing the idea at the 2015 World Street Food Congress in Singapore. “It is meant to be crowded and chaotic because that’s what hawker centres should be,” Werther added.


As inspiration, Bourdain cites Ridley Scott’s dystopian film Blade Runner as a design visual and a taste of the chaos and clamour you can expect. The market will also be a chaotic twist on the hawkers markets seen in Tokyo and Singapore with it’s planned location in the newly renovated SuperPier in Manhattan’s West Side. As Bourdain puts it, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy “expertly sliced Iberico ham and some Cava or Kuching-style laksa, Chinese lamb noodles, Vietnamese pho or a decent barbecue brisket all in one place.”

The chef will also be neighbours to Google who have almost secured 250,000-square-feet of space for their New York offices.

Superpier is expected to open in 2017, where you might catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford chowing down on some noodles at the beer garden.

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