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And The Cheapest Country To Travel In Is…

And The Cheapest Country To Travel In Is…

With 2015 coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what to spend all of this year’s hard earned money on – and we all know that means a holiday, right? Luckily, we now have concrete proof as to where you’ll get the best value-for-money when it comes to travelling. Transportation gurus GoEuro have done the hard yards and calculated which countries are in fact the cheapest – and a few of these might surprise you.

GoEuro’s Transport Price Index looked at all bus, train and plane routes across 51 countries and five continents and calculated the cheapest countries to travel in per 100 kilometres. The results also factored in distance, schedule, additional taxes as well as regional and inner-city travel – which means smaller countries weren’t losing out for being small, and bigger countries weren’t automatically winning because they’re big.

So where is the country with the cheapest modes of transportation?

(Photo: South African Tourism/Flickr)

South Africa, of course! The African nation ranked #1 across all modes of transport, with significantly lower prices than surrounding countries.


The study also calculated the cheapest (and most expensive) countries by bus, train and air travel, per 100 kilometres. For buses, Egypt was cheapest at $1.88 – on the other end of the spectrum, the Netherlands came out with the most expensive bus trips at $28.58 per 100 kilometres. By air, India came out cheapest at $10.36, with Finland taking the gong for most expensive flights at $138.90. Trains on the other hand were cheapest in South Africa ($1.88) and most expensive in Denmark ($39.84).

So how did our home country fare? For overall transport we came in at #25, beating out places like Japan, Italy and the UK. We ranked somewhere in the middle for train travel, but fell in the “expensive” category for bus travel at an average of $16.75 per 100 kilometres. Surprisingly, we ranked pretty well when it comes to air travel – at $12.20, Australia is the fourth cheapest for flights across country. Nice job, guys!

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Take a peak at who ranked overall cheapest in travel transportation below. For the full list of cheap-as-chips countries (and the not so cheap), click here.

#1 South Africa
#2 Albania
#3 Malaysia
#4 Thailand
#5 Ukraine
#6 Turkey
#7 Latvia
#8 Mexico
#9 Egypt
#10 China

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