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And Australia’s Most Expensive City To Eat Out In Is…

And Australia’s Most Expensive City To Eat Out In Is…

Think perennially exey Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city to grab a meal? Think again – new data has shown that Melbourne actually takes the (overpriced) cake.

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The data, which was collated by payment and deals app Clipp, shows that a casual meal for two (including drinks) will set Melburnians back an average of $61, compared to Sydney whose average price was $51.60. The cheapest city? Golden child Adelaide at $50.50. The data was collected from around 650 merchants Australia-wide over January and February, and is based on the average total price for a glass of house wine, a schooner of Carlton Draught, a burger and a small pizza.

Cost of a night out in Australia’s capital cities:

#1 Melbourne: $61.00
#2 Perth: $57.50
#3 Brisbane: $55.50
#4 Sydney: $51.60
#5 Adelaide: $50.50

When you break it down a little, it gets a little more interesting. A schooner of Carlton Draught beer will set you back $6.60 in Sydney, $6.50 in Melbourne and Perth, $6 in Adelaide and $5.50 in Brisbane. But while their beer may be cheapest, a cost of a house wine in Brissie will set you back a whopping $9, compared to $8 in Melbourne, $7 in Sydney and Perth and $6.50 in Adelaide.

When it came to burgers, Melbourne (home of Australia’s favourite burger according to Yelp) had the most expensive, with an average burg’ setting you back $23.50, with the cheapest actually being in Sydney at $19.

Clipp also decided to rank each the most expensive and cheapest suburbs in each city. Check out the results below.


Most expensive suburb: Southbank, with an average price of $71
Cheapest suburb: Werribee, with an average price of $48


Most expensive suburb: Double Bay, $68.50
Cheapest suburb: St Marys, $46.25

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Most expensive suburb: Brisbane, $63.50
Cheapest suburb: Strathpine, $44


Most expensive suburb: Subiaco, $69
Cheapest suburb: Rockingham, $51.20


Most expensive suburb: North Adelaide, $55.20
Cheapest suburb: Kilburn, $43.70

(Lead image: 8bit/Facebook)

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