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An Italian Gelateria Is Making Ice Cream For Your Pets

An Italian Gelateria Is Making Ice Cream For Your Pets

An Italian gelateria has done us all a solid by creating a gelato specifically for dogs. No longer can you feel guilty about them staring at you while you eat your own.

Italian puppies and doggos, kitties and cats: rejoice! You’re getting your very own gelato because you’ve all been extremely good. Gelateria Maggiore in Vieste, Italy has teamed up with the local kennel, Lega Nazionale Per La Difesa Del Cane, to give pets their very own way to cool off in summer.

The gelato is made of ingredients that don’t include natural sugars, like pistachio and hazelnut, so it won’t upset any animal stomachs.

Photo: Scouse Smurf/Flickr

The special gelato was introduced to raise awareness about pet ownership and draw attention to the animals in the local kennel. Owner of the gelateria, Domenico Maggiore, told The Local: “I’m considering introducing a special offer, where owners who buy a gelato get a free one for their pet, and I’ll ask them to instead give a free contribution to the kennel.”

Please do this, sir.

Photo: Trish/Flickr

On the launch day, the first cone was said to be reserved for Danko, a 12-year-old orphan dog who’s been suffering with cancer (my heart!). This was to promote the adoption of older dogs, rather than only opting for little puppies.

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Looks like Vieste, Italy is the happiest place on earth for pets right now.

(Lead image: Emma Burnett/Flickr)

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