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An Irish Postman Managed To Deliver A Christmas Card Addressed Only To “Ya Know Yer Wan”

An Irish Postman Managed To Deliver A Christmas Card Addressed Only To “Ya Know Yer Wan”

The Irish are ace. Their landscapes are stunning, their beers are tasty, and their unique take on the English language is genuinely delightful.

Case in point: a postman has successfully delivered a Christmas card with no discernible address written on it to a woman in Ireland. Instead of an address, the card included a detailed description of the woman, including a little about her mother, pets and even her garden decorations.

Photo: Nicole Lally/Facebook

The note reads:

“Ya know yer wan. Her mother’s from Castleblakeney, but the daughter’s an ex-townie. Grew up in Athlone and moved to Ballymacward (between Ballinasloe + Galway) when she got married. Lives next door to her in-laws now. She has a rake a’ children, 7 dogs, 4 cats and about 30 hens + ducks and some rabbits and fish and I think she has a hamster as well. She has a shrine to the Virgin Mary in the left corner of her garden. Can you give her this please? Thanks xxx”

In case you’re wondering, the phrase “yer wan” is Irish slang for “your woman,” and is often used as a loose description of a woman – kind of like if you were to say ‘that woman over there’.

In typical friendly Irish style, the postie managed to recognise the woman from the description, and delivered the card right to her doorstep.

The woman in question was Nicole Lally, who shared the post on Facebook, adding: “I was amused/mortified when the postman showed up this morning and hand-delivered this Christmas card from my friend who was delighted to have made a holy show of me! Thanks to my local postman Celcius who knew immediately who to deliver the card to when the supervisor read out the “address”. Absolutely made my day, An Post have been great sports to find me, cheers!”

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“Sure aren’t An Post great?!”

Only in Ireland.


(h/t Lonely Planet)

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