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An Interactive Neon Light Art Exhibition Is Coming To Melbourne

An Interactive Neon Light Art Exhibition Is Coming To Melbourne

As if Melbourne wasn’t cool enough, a new interactive art exhibition will be popping up at QV Melbourne and its surrounds from May 17 until June 16. The exhibition is Carla O’Brien’s Neon Night Garden, and is set to delight and wow 24 hours a day, with nine brightly coloured artworks which light up at night.

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Though based in Melbourne, Carla O’Brien has installed artworks across the globe, including at festivals like Burning Man and Earthcore, as well as Melbourne events like White Night and at the Royal Melbourne Zoo. Neon Night Garden is her most extensive to date, and will see her best known ‘signature’ art work, Neon Angel Wings (made famous when Katy Perry snapped a pic with it for Instagram), reinterpreted as butterfly wings.

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“Inside the Neon Night Garden are all things you might find in a garden – a flying kite, a tree, umbrellas on a rainy day, people, wings of a butterfly and even a flamingo,” says Carla.

The wings will lie in the centre of the exhibition, surrounded by eight “touchable”, colourful, light-filled art works, including the entry itself, a 2.4 metre high Neon Night Garden Archway. Other installations include The Neon Tree, Neon Brollies (which are real, transparent plastic umbrellas) and “Mirror Me, Mirror You” people, who are adorned with “tiny mosaic mirrors so you can see yourself reflected – it won’t be easy to take the perfect selfie but I’m sure people will try!”

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The free public exhibitions will be open from 10am on May 17 in QV Square, while an additional installation will reside in Albert Coates Lane. Head to Carla’s official website for more information.

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