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An IMAX Theatre Is Being Installed In A Superyacht

An IMAX Theatre Is Being Installed In A Superyacht

Designs are in the works for the world’s largest ever superyacht, and the levels of luxury are at an all time high.

In a world first, a collaboration between designer Ken Freivokh and  audio-visual system creators Yacht Intelligence, will see a full size 150 metre high IMAX screen installed in the hull of the yacht.


The theatre will be known as the Nemo room, and as well as screening Hollywood blockbusters, the projection screen can also receive live stream CCTV footage of the underwater world outside from cameras under and around the ship.


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The owner of the superyacht is unknown and there’s no word as to when the yacht will be finished, but we’re totally free and available for any required test runs. Can we put in a request to screen the entire Planet Earth series?


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