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A Cookie Dough Restaurant Just Opened In NYC

A Cookie Dough Restaurant Just Opened In NYC

They say eating cookie dough from the bowl isn’t so good for you. But we can rarely help ourselves when the allure of uncooked cookies tastes so good.

A new restaurant in NYC is serving straight-up cookie dough to the masses – and don’t worry, it’s totally safe to eat!


‘s brand new brick-and-mortar store has just opened in New York City’s Greenwich Village. This 15-seat cafe will offer more than a dozen cookie dough flavours in cups, which is basically like indulging in cookie dough exactly how you crave it – straight from the mixing bowl.


Alongside the signature chocolate chip, featured flavours include cake batter, brownie batter, fluffernutter and cinnamon and brown sugar pop-tart. They’re also serving up a few more confections too, including baked cookies, cookie ice cream sandwiches and cookie cake.


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The good news is it’s completely safe to eat. Many have been weary of eating raw cookie dough because of the uncooked egg, but DŌ have worked around this, using a safe-to-eat pasteurized egg product instead of raw eggs – great! They’ve even found a way around using raw flour too – they currently use a heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour, so there’s no chance of food-borne illness that can come with eating raw flour products.

So we’re being explicitly encouraged to eat raw cookie dough without the added shame? Dreams really do come true.

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