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9 Exteremely Bizarre Vending Machines From Around The World

9 Exteremely Bizarre Vending Machines From Around The World

In the 21st century, convenience is king, and while vending machines have been around for close to a century now, it seems certain places around the world are stepping up their game with some clever, some kooky, and some downright weird  products coming out of these coin-chugging shiny behemoths. Take a look at what we’ve found.


Flat Shoe Vending Machine, England


The creators of Rollasoles were already on to a winner when they invented roll-up ballet flats; comfortable, portable and a lifesaver after a night out wearing heels. So when they came up with the bright idea to sell their product via vending machine near late-night districts, women around the world wept  tears of joy.

Photo: Rollasole

Hot Chip Vending Machine, Australia


Fried potato is a staple in any Australians diet; especially after a few drinks. This true blue vending machine cuts out the middle man. The chips come out hot and fried, but it’s a BYO chicken salt kinda deal.

Crab Vending Machine, China

Live hairy crabs are displayed in a vending machine at a main subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province December 17, 2010. The crab dispenser was designed by Shi Tuanjie, Chairman of the Nanjing Shuanghu Crab Industrial Company, who came out with the idea of a crab dispenser 3 years ago. This is the first live crab vending machine in China, and was installed on October 1 this year. The crabs cost from 10 yuan (US$1.50) to 50 yuan (US$7.50), depending on size and gender, and customers are promised a compensation of 3 live crabs if their purchase is dead. The machine sells an average of 200 live crabs daily. Shi plans to popularize the machines on a larger scale to airports, residential areas and supermarkets, according to local media. REUTERS/Sean Yong (CHINA - Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS BUSINESS FOOD ODDLY IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTXVTB2

These “hairy crabs” are all the rage in China from August to October when they’re in season. While most seafood vendors close their doors come sundown though, one shop had the inspired idea of putting hairy crabs in a vending machine for those overnight crab cravings everyone gets now and then.

Hot Dog Vending Machine, America

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.37.02 am

The HD3000 has taken America by storm in recent years and while the original American style hot dogs are still the most popular product, the vendors claim you can make “freshly cooks hotdogs, bratwurst, sausages and other cylinder shaped foods in a minute or less.” We dare you to think of other cylinder shaped foods. Check it out in action.

Tie Vending Machines, Japan


Funnily enough, these ties are usually sold in the same vending machines as messy snacks for those who are likely to stain their workwear and then have to jet back to the office.

Short Story Vending Machine, France


These adorable literary dispensaries were started in an attempt to get people off their phones and to provide a platform for young French writers  – all pieces are submitted anonymously – to have their work read. The stories have been met with huge acclaim with Parisians dubbing the program ‘tres magnifique’!

Mashed Potato Vending Machine, Singapore


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Forget about slurpees, at 7-Eleven Stores in Singapore, the hottest ticket item is their mashed potatoe machine. The most interesting part of this discovery? All 7-Eleven owners world wide can request this sorcery. Who wants to start a petition for Australia? Check out a video here.

The Vending Machine Restaurant, The Netherlands


FEBO (which means, the tastiest) is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants that have actually existed since the 1940s. They sell a variety of snack goods including burgers, pizzas, bagels and other Dutch treats that are continuously replenished.

LEGO Vending Machine, Germany


For the big kid in all of us comes this LEGO vending machine in Germany, the toy’s adopted home (they were invented in Denmark). As cool as this is, we’re hanging out for a LEGO vending machine that’s actually made of LEGO. [/listicle]

(Lead photo: Alix Guillard/Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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