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7 Dark Mofo Winter Feast Meals You Wish You Were Eating Right Now

7 Dark Mofo Winter Feast Meals You Wish You Were Eating Right Now

Hobart’s mid-winter festival Dark Mofo is gearing up for its final weekend, but the art, music, partying and feasting is already in full swing. The festival’s great food hall, known as the Winter Feast, is open for five nights. Here, guest chefs, restaurants, cafes, performers and a huge, hungry audience merge to create a banquet of jubilation. Hosting some of the best stallholders from our southern-most state, the Winter Feast is a beacon of all things delicious. Of course, it’s also immensely Instagram-worthy. Here are the meals that are giving us Dark Mofo FOMO.


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This steamed bao with tofu and shiitake mushroom from Mint is – I’m saying it – absolutely mint.


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Pacha Mama‘s wallaby burrito didn’t even have to wake up like this to be #flawless.


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I’m sure there’s at least one or two things, but I certainly can’t think of a problem that this this Fat Pig Farm pulled pork roll couldn’t fix.


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A Moo Brew Brewey Praxis Pinot paired with a Nichols Rivulet Organic Farm Dark Ale pie conclusively prove that winter is, in fact, the best season.


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Soup Stop‘s Aloo Tikki Chaat is an Indian Street Food special with golden pan-fried potato and herb and lentil patties topped with delicious chana masala curry and homemade tamarind and green sauces. It’s also 100% vegan, so it feels as good as it tastes.


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We’re thinking of starting a campaign to make Tombolo Freycinet‘s fresh scallop and spicy chorizo pizza a standard on every pizza restaurant menu in the world. A difficult fight, but a worthy one.


These Lady Hester sourdough doughnuts go out to all you sweet-toothed folk out there. If you’re too full for dessert, congratulations – you’ve done the right thing – but you can take a batch home for later.

(Lead image: Dark Mofo)

The Dark Mofo Winter Feast is on every evening until Sunday June 21. It’s not too late.

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